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Art Conservation and Restoration

Preserve your investment and protect your important memories with Gay Kingsley Art Restoration. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Kingsley has a reputation for restoring works of art, sculptures, and more using the latest restoration techniques.
Dr. Kingsley has worked for museums, independent collectors, art galleries, professional framers, antique shops, and insurance companies. Having worked with many different art restoration projects, she has the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully restore your items.
Dr. Kingsley is the only trained conservator in a 4-state area who is equipped and qualified to restore fire- or water-damaged artwork. If you have a painting that has sustained damage, Dr. Kingsley can provide you with painting restoration services. From watercolors to oil paintings, she can bring new life to your beloved artwork. She also provides museum-quality sculpture restoration, cleaning both indoor and outdoor items.
Restoring Painting - Art Conservation and Restoration in Scottsdale, AZ
Art conservation helps preserve our human cultural heritage, and Gay Kingsley Art Restoration hopes to make art restoration accessible to all consumers. Contact Dr. Kingsley today to learn more about her restoration services.